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Hi there! Ok this is my first time participating in such an exchange, so let's hope I get this right!


My requests below highlight the series and my favourite characters from said series, I've listed what I'd like to see from each series but it's I love each series as a whole, so please don't feel pressured to follow my ideas. At the bottom there is also a list of my general likes/dislikes



Kamen Rider Kuuga
Godai Yuusuke, Ichijou Kaoru

One of my favourite things in Kuuga is Godai and Ichijou's relationship, not necessarily in a sexual or romantic way but I don't mind that either. They're both hypocrites in that they worry more about each other's health than their own, but really it's because they're both so dedicated to their roles in protecting the people. I have a weakness for when the fact that Ichijou is still very much human catches up with him, for example over working himself or not letting wounds heal properly so that Godai has to take care of him.
I also like post-series reunions be they fluffy or angsty... preferable that the end happy. 

Treats for this series I suppose would be domestic fluff, there's already a lot of it in the series but I can never get enough of it. Falling asleep on each other's shoulders, spending the night together because they fell asleep working, morning jobs before meetings etc

Tricks I think can be played off Godai's sense of humour like his climbing through windows or his fascination with strange masks. Less happy things could of course include either or both characters getting hurt either physically or emotionally, looks into their emotional states near the end of the series/post series, or dealing with the darker issues of the series.

Kamen Rider Ryuki
Kido Shinji, Tezuka Miyuki, Akiyama Ren

Big fan of the series and these characters, especially as a trio. I don't ship any of them in terms of slash but I'm certainly not against any combination of the three as pairings or what not either. Given the circumstances of Ryuki's ending, I would really love to see what headcanons people have for post series (I myself would like to think the three became friends again, with or without relation to the War), otherwise AUs are nice too.

They have a funny relationship and tricks and treats are both welcome, I would prefer them to have a happy ending as the series itself upset me enough already. I think there is a lot of Halloween material in this, such as the three helping out with Halloween decorations for Atori's cafe, dressing up, playing tricks on each other or Miyuki making particularly creepy predictions around the holiday.

Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Ozu Tsubasa, Hikaru (Magishine)

These two are my favourite characters and I love Tsubasa's more mature side and how he is the brains of the group. I think he has skills that rival Hikaru's, I think this could make for cute fic or art. I love their whole student/teacher interaction. Tsubasa's otherwise deflated or 'not caring' attitude I think is part of his charm, but I do like it when he shows more emotion as well. 

A fun series, I think tricks and treats would both work, particularly with the way the Ozu family like to tease Hikaru. Angstier tricks could include spell practice going wrong or touches on Tsubasa's emotional state- despite being the most cool headed a lot of the time, I find he's also the one to get most emotionally invested and this often takes its toll on his mental state. To be honest I would like angst in this one too...

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
Ian Yorkland, Utsusemimaru (Ucchi/Utchy)

My favourite thing about these two characters is their angsty parts and the way they deal with having lost someone so close to them, as well as essentially living with the guilt that it was partially their fault. I wish it were explored more in the series seeing their stories were explored individually, I'd like to have seen more of it where they support each other because they can understand the grief the other is going through. 
I'd really like to see the two interact in regards to Utchy's "death" at the end of the series. I think Ian, having lost a friend before, would have given the most emotional response upon Utchy's "revival" and the days that followed. I'd love to see Ian either being weirdly clingy or even distant to the point Utchy wonders what's wrong, because Ian is never honest about his feelings and doesn't want to admit how scared he had been. That was weirdly specific, so please feel free to just take bits from that or none of it if you have your own ideas!

Because of the angst levels, I'd prefer something more "trick" with this series, though with a happy ending.

Dislike: Ian/Souji, I'm really not a fan of this pairing, so I would appreciate it if it were not included or alluded to if Ian is the focus of the fic/art >__<

General Things That I Like:

  • Domestic fluff (Romantic/Platonic alike, I like both!)
  • Angst (with happy endings)
  • Post-fight conversations (tending to each other's wounds after a fight against monsters etc)
  • Because this is a Halloween exchange, I think it'd be super fun to have a Halloween theme, so dress ups, characters celebrating, mystery etc
  • Trick or Treat: I like both! Tricks can be fun like characters doing tests of courage or humorous mystery adventures, or they can go down the darker route of angst as mentioned in fandom descriptions
General Things That I Do Not Like:
  • Hard core slash/smut
  • Gore/Horror- playful horror like dress ups, scaring each other for fun or the mystery genre are ok but I don't like large amounts of blood or gore
  • Total AU- Aside from Ryuki because of canon circumstances, I would prefer stories that could take place in mostly in canon, pre or post canon is ok too. Slight AUs like 'if this episode happened a different way' are ok too, but just nothing over the time like 'If they were unicorns AU' or 'Bounty hunters AU' or something
I think I was really specific in some things and weirdly vague in others, so overall, I hope this was a good amount of information to inspire you! Looking at the specific characters and series, I think ideally, something angsty with a happy ending would be best! But I'll leave it up to you and look forward to whatever treasure you are able to create!


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